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Use of Blue Sapphire(Neelam) Gemstone

Use of Blue Sapphire(Neelam) Gemstone

The bright blue sapphire stone is the most valuable gemstones plus is correlated with the planet Saturn. Also identified as the birthstone for September, it is regarded as the most powerful gemstone that is ruled by the strongest planet. You must never wear the gemstone without the advice of a specialist astrologer.


Here are benefits of Blue Sapphire


  1. Firstly, Blue Sapphire stone is the quickest acting gem, plus its effect is immediately felt. One can be blessed with good luck, wealth, opportunities, plus promotion, and many more within one month of wearing it. If the Blue Sapphire stone is totally appropriate, then it gives marvelous outcomes, particularly in Saturn transit such as Saturn Sati. People can immediately feel comforted by seeing an increase in their metabolism, energy, and radiance.
  2. Blue Sapphire stone is an extremely protective gem that it benefits in protection from enemies, lousy eyes, curse, jealousy, etc. This stone blesses with mental purity, clears your confusion, and gives the person’s appropriate decision-making skills.
  3. This stone betters the digestion eliminates lethargy plus benefits to improve focus and attention. It also has incredible healing powers to calm the senses plus bless with peace and equality. In some horoscope conditions, it eliminates negativity like hidden or unnamed fears and complexes.
  4. Blue Sapphire stone (Neelam) has a straight impression on a wealth perspective. This provides positive growth in finance. It can be blessed with many roots of income if the person is very inclined and works for it. Moreover, spiritually willing people; this stone gives them the ability to do spiritual practice, seek meditation, and enhances the quality of oneself-realization.


Who can wear a Blue Sapphire gem (Neelam)?


The blue sapphire gem is worn to please the planet Saturn (Shani). This stone is helpful for Capricorn and Aquarius people. It is strictly recommended to always wear Blue Sapphire on the advice of a specialist astrologer as it is fit for only 50% of people. However, if it becomes appropriate for someone, its actual results will be seen quite instantly. However, you want to buy a blue sapphire gemstone online in the USA, buy at Sapphire Gems Store.


Which metal must be applied to wear Blue Sapphire gemstone?


The minimal weight of Blue Sapphire gemstone to be worn is about two carats. It must always be worn in platinum and silver. Also, gold is strictly restricted when it comes to Blue sapphire as it reverses the positive results and gives very harmful effects to you. Apart from this, if you want Neelam engagement rings in the USA, you can reach us at Sapphire Gems Store.


When and how to wear blue sapphire Gemstone?


Blue Sapphire gemstone is to be worn on the middle finger of right or left hand on only Saturday. Further before to wear it, you must put this in a milk container or bowl for around one hour and then in rose water too.


Which Blue Sapphire gemstone is best suitable for astrological objective?


Ceylonese Blue Sapphire that comes from Sri Lanka is recognized as the best suitable, and you can buy Ceylonese Neelam stone online in Delhi in India. For the astrological objective, it must be preferably worn in platinum or silver as per your choice. An unheated plus untreated Blue Sapphire gemstone with bright original color, high-quality, and low internal inclusions is recognized fittest for such a goal.


Are there any substitutes for Blue Sapphire?


Yes, Blue spinel, sapphire stone, plus blue topaz stone are the substitutes of blue sapphire gemstones. The very high-priced of valuable gemstones makes it out of the reach of the budget for most of the people. Therefore, the substitutes suit to be a more suitable option for the wearer, and hence they are relatively less active. Also, buy a quickly blue sapphire stone in the UK at Sapphire Gems Store.

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