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Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire is viewed as one of the most propitious and gainful stones out of all the Navratnas (nine pearls) as endorsed in the Hindu sacred writings. Generally known as ‘Pukhraj’ stone, or Push Raja (Sanskrit) and Peetmani, this stone cases an exceptionally uncommon spot in the realm of crystal gazing. The Pukhraj Stone is accepted to hold the forces of the planet Jupiter.

According to Sapphire Gems- one of the reputed brand dealing in different kind of stones, says that Jupiter is the heaviest planet in the nearby planetary group, henceforth conferring particular forces to Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) over different valuable stones. The wearer of this stone must find out its appropriateness for them from a scholarly celestial prophet and a Gemologist to draw the most extreme advantages out of it.



  • The Pukhraj Stone shields the wearer from detestable and gives conjugal bliss and fulfillment to ladies particularly.
  • If the wearer is a lady, it gives her an adoring and prosperous lucky man, love, matrimonial fulfillment, beneficiaries, and satisfaction in her conjugal life.
  • Jupiter, in Hindu culture, has been called Guru (instructor). In this way, backers, attorneys, and judges, educators, researchers, and essayists advantage colossally from it.
  • It fortifies a person’s capacity to deal with vague circumstances. It empowers them in making the right choices, being restrained, characterizing the objectives of life and making the greatest progress.
  • It is known for giving recuperating powers in the illnesses of the kidneys, mouth, stiffness, hack, and fever.


The forces of a yellow sapphire shield its wearer from a coincidental demise.

  • Yellow Sapphire gives mental harmony, boldness, and satisfaction. It diminishes one’s inclination of blowing up.
  • Jupiter is the most benefic planet and by wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone, its malefic impacts are nullified. The wearer encounters the uncommon delights of life like achievement, knowledge and solid companionships.
  • Jupiter is the planet of intelligence and judgment which makes it perfect for academicians, creators, merchants, and craftsmen
  • It diminishes fat in the body and mends afflictions identified with skin and throat. It is known to speed up the recuperating of cerebral blockages and control blood course.
  • Jupiter impacts otherworldly tendencies, which are additionally animated by Yellow Sapphire stone to achieve more noteworthy comfort with otherworldliness.


If the wearer is a Sagittarius or a Pisces ascendant, he/she promptly accomplish Yellow Sapphire’s advantages. Aside from Pisces and Sagittarius, Yellow Sapphire carries good karma and advantages to different signs too. It showers security and effortlessness to malignant growth ascendants and improves prosperity, flourishing, and fertility for Aries ascendants.

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