About Us


This is an overwhelming opportunity for us to welcome every customer to the one-stop gemstone store, “Sapphire gemstone”. It has been a remarkable journey so far with all appreciation received for our products from the astrology and the precious gemstone sector. It had emerged in 1992 with the foundation stone establishment by its founder Mr Amit Gupta Sapphire gemstone has added an influential brand value to its business profile by reaching a next level milestone with 100% customer satisfaction. It has conquered the gemstone world with its outstanding performance in such a tough competitive Chandni chowk gemstones market. Old Delhi Chandni Chowk is renowned as one of the oldest antique and rare gemstone-like sapphires, ruby, etc provider.
Sapphire gemstone is a brand to be called for serving precious and rare gemstones customer requirements with 100% genuine and government approved lab certification. We are focused to achieve client trust, quality and best price of each gemstone.

We would like to live up the customer and organizations strength at the international level,which in turn will help us to lead the top positions.

Our Mission

Being a profound gemstone provider, we always believe to achieve perfection. We don’t leave any stone unturned to make our work perfect. Our customer satisfaction centric efforts ensure that our quality assurance is 100% authentic and validated. Our gemstone testing in a reputed government lab gives us opportunities to take accreditation in the market.

Our Vision

We are heading towards the niche position in Planetary Gemology and astrology gemstone. We feel responsible to introduce people with planetary gem therapy which leads consumers to get noticed the benefits of gemstone acceptance for changing lives in a positive environment. We would like to serve our products globally.

Our Values

Imitation, forgery, and replication are the words that sound very familiar in regards to the gemstone market, but Sapphire gemstone is the name that is renowned for authentic and natural gemstones. Few traders acquire unethical ways of selling replica of natural gemstone to genuine customers with the intention of making money despite knowing the fact that originality is irreplaceable. It is possible that eyes can miss anything on the originality checklist but lab tests reveal everything. At Sapphire gems, the main objective is to spread awareness about the
potential role of precious gemstone in our lives to make it better.